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Top posts of Y2008

Hi dear readers

As its last day of 2008 so I thought to make a list for you guys of top posts (by means of reader stats) of year 2008. Following is few stuff with links and stats according to wordpress dashboard. Thanks wordpress.


Lets wish for very peaceful and happy new year.

Once again thanks dearrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr readerssssssssssssssssssssssssss.

time to joy for me Thank God

its all due to blessing of Allah and prayers of my family and friends that both of my first articles has been considered as ARTICLE OF THE DAY.

its a great platform for those people who wanted to share their knowledge and get good feedback sometimes +ve and sometimes -ve (criticism) and thats more better for them, right? anyhow truely speaking i got both and m quite happy by that as +ve feedback encourage me to carry on and -ve feedback helped me to get better and know my mistakes. anyhow dialogues apart its awesome experience and time to joy for me.

so ballay ballay ballayballay ballay ballayballay ballay ballayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

wowwwwwwwww arfa

First of all, i would like to say thanks to keep flag of Pakistan HIGH and wish very very very best of luck. she is no doubt a role model for her age fellows. No doubt MCP is not a very big deal but at such age it is 🙂

some ppl say she lost her childhood for an exam 🙂 i don’t agree with them, its only a matter of interest some children has interest in playing games some has in mechanical toys some has in studies and some has in gadgets and children like arfa has interest in IT and m sure she enjoying her childhood in very well manner and some ideal manner.

Ideal manner may be some ppl start thinking after seeing her and her achievements at her small age (e.g, meet BILL GATES, Presiden of Pakistan, MCP, fame, Respect) ppl (parents) start pushing their children to be like her or do like her rather they always encourage them to put their potential in any such field which could be helpful for them throughout their lives.

Anyhow i would like to wish her gr8 successes in life inclusive happiness 🙂

lifes of life

hmmmm adnan is thinking today what his life has been! no social life left coz of two jobs from 9AM to 1AM and then just could sleep in remaining time if still not then – then wont be able to work on another day. no friends get together no family discussions and fights as well 😉 – why life is getting more tiresome, bitter and unwanting – even after that much struggle. what would be end of all my struggle may be in near future i start earning 6 figured salary and then may b 7 figured even and may b have post in top level company at top level of post of my field but still i don’t think so then i ‘ll have peace of mind and such life which i want coz still then i will try hard to grow moreeee and moreeeee atlast i wont be able to that much work struggle then may b i got time for myself and lifes struggle stops and then may b have time for family and friends – oh stop then i wont have work tension but ‘ll have family tensions – meanzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz tensions of life never gonna leave u 😦 so it would be better if adnan thinks about life after life whch is actual life 🙂 so trying to be goood human being as well goood muslim so could have good life after life and trying to be goood IT engineer and goood family member and good friend —- life is so hard when u r trying to be good in every life of life – but never stop trying coz nothing is impossible and simply if u consider impossible it say i m possible 😉 so circle of life has to move on but if we move happily then in good manner if took everything as burden like work like family responsibilities life religion’s responsibilities as burden then it will become painnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn—what u say