know me

i m computer science graduate. my final project was iris recognition system. professionally i m software engineer. i love to joy. i love to talk with friends and people alike me. i love to share my experiences but not problems of mine. 🙂 i have very few of good friends. i m the person about whom if u think +ve, i would feel u very good human being but if u think -ve about me u will feel no one could be worse than me 😉 so difference will be of ur thought lemme give an example …….

there was a bridge out of city and on both side there was guards. one guard of right side of bridge feel always that what a rubbish job i m having,, no people, alone so very bore life and on other side guard feels wow very easy job i have no hussle bussle of people, alone so can give time to reading and also prayers and have no tough time so Thanx Almighty Allah…. i hope you got good example of difference between +ve thinker and -ve thinker…

keep smiling always 😀 😛 🙂 😉


9 responses to “know me

  1. Ooo Man, nicely written 🙂

    Gud woRk
    RAin Rain raiN … but atleast u enjoyed , rite? 😀

  2. hello,

    If u got any MCTS(70-536/70-528) study materials/Dumps/Questions and if you wish to share please forward them to me at

    Thanks in advance

  3. Hello mr.Mohammad?

    I was actually looking for ur contact but could not find one.Most websites leave a contact address or phone numbers.But as long as you get this i dont mind.

    I have a business organisation and i wish to use numbers which will be generated using a regular algorithm of numbers for operations.

    These numbers are meant to give access to my services so i intend to test them properly.

    What i want to know is if you can handle the job.I mean i give you a set of numbers and you generate them into numerous using an algoritm.If you dont do this kind of job,then please direct me on who does.

    Please let me know soonest.
    My email is


  4. thanks for the comments keep sending

  5. very nice article, great work, keep it working

  6. hi good to hear abt u

  7. Abdul Qadeer Syed

    congratulation on ur QURAN work pl send learning quran by quran


  8. Hi Adnan,
    Nice quote.
    I am a dotnet developer ( not very experienced though :p ) .
    I have to appear for MCTS .Can you guide me for good study materials ?
    Please provide the materials and dumps if you have any.
    My email id, already mentioned is :

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