donation appeal for swat victims

Asa to all,

I don’t start any speech here or try to make emotional to you guys as we all know, what happened to people of swat and how they are surviving. We everyday see something about them in news or from people near us. today i thought to really do something except just listening.

i am going to ask every1 arround me (friends and family) who could trust me and able to donate something for those people. raise some donations in any form they want and then inshAllah soon go the place and convey them whatever i got/have to donate. (i am thinking to visit them this weekend (sat/sun).

Its a humble request to ask people arround you (who might not believing other sources like i do to give my donation money/stuff) but want reliable source to do this. get some donation from them or atleast do something from your own pocket. atleast few thousands i think we all can..

you can trust me. we can talk how much and how you want me to donate them on your behalf. if you don’t have money immediately but still want to be part of it. just let me know, i will donate on ur behalf and you may pay me later on. hope i can do this… i will inshAllah do as much i can.

pls ask people arround u and donate urself as much you can. trust me i will go there personally to donate rather giving some company’s account to whom i never know.

pls make suggestions if you have for the way to donate.. (stuff)

kindly reply as soon as possible. if you wanted to be part of it. as i m thinking to visit them this weekend so need finish this raisings before end of weekend.



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