finally i m mac leopard

journey started few days back when my boss asked me to do RnD on iPhone as we might need to develop applications for this platform. I am very keeeeeeeeen about mac os X and never get chance to even use it 😦 due to lack of its machine so … anyhow when started to study for iPhone SDK without any guidence, i started to study stuff from here and there.

Whilst trying to have it, i get to know i can install mac os X on my intel based pc so i got really happy and started to look for its DVD and got mac os X tiger but when i try to install iPhone SDK on it, it gave me error as SDK could be install on iPhone leoperd 10.5.5 but i had tiger 10.4.x so start searching 10.5.5 but telling u the truth it was really a headeche for me to get it…after many days of no success about having leopard version i got its installed version image and finally i ‘m having vmware image of mac os 10.5.6 and now installed iphone SDK 2.2.1


no doubt, loads of effort/time it took but it worth and i hope i could make some iphone based applications 🙂

anyhow post was just to share personal intial experience and tell that if any1 wanted to get mac os x leopard  and iphone sdk… i might be able to guide 🙂

happy iphoning through hackintosh 😉


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