Western Union SUCKS

Friend of mine send me remittence through wester union and they claim for transfer of money within 2 minutes.. isn’t it but I have some bitter experience with them. Let me tell you, I went to their branch and they told me in branch we have no balance so all customers are being routing to head office or need to wait πŸ˜€ after few days I managed to got time and went to another branch and he told me we get balance after 12 of noon so always come after that πŸ˜€ isn’t it pathetic.

I got angry and went to see manager of that branch and asked him what is this sir, he said man what can i do if balance comes after 12 πŸ˜€ I said western union claims to transfer in 2 mins but you never told 2 mins after 12 o clock then why all this he said you may use ….. (he mentioned some other company) company to transfer. Now this is hilarious. πŸ˜€

In my native language we say…

Oonchi dukaaan pheeka pakaawan….:D


5 responses to “Western Union SUCKS

  1. Hmm, pretty outrageous that you can say such terrible things about a company, but yet Google places the Adsense add right below your Blog that states people should send money through that company…ahhh how ironic! But you are right Western Union does suck!

  2. I myself had a bad experience with western union. Sender transferred the payment. I visited the local western union office to receive the payment but told payment is pending. Next day i again visited their office but found the same answer payment is on hold. I asked the local agent do you know any reason. He replied western union often blocks the payment if someone has the word muhammad in his name. I asked the sender to contact their customer service representative. At last the agent at sender’s end admitted that this is part of counter-terrorism efforts based on my name. At this i lost all hopes to receive the payment and asked the sender to cancel the payment.

  3. For more info read this complaint. http://www.encyclopedia.com/doc/1P1-79652133.html

  4. Western union is biggest group of fuckiing idiots ever assembled. I sat in one of their places yesterday for one hour as they tried pathetically to figure out t a transfer bc the sender put his name as the receiver and mine as the sender, how difficult could this be. Then I call today and sit on hold for 30 minutes before theyhung up on me, I calll back and the new operator can’t help me bc some other operator is working on it. Next time someone sends me money by western union, I’m tacking a $100 on for foreseeable inconvenience!!!

  5. WESTERN UNION SUCKS!!!!! Totally agree, especially their branch at 6165 N. Broadway in Chicago. They are the worst, you go pay $$$ for their servises, and in exchange they are not only rude with you, their employer does not hesitate to call their customer “STUPID” in their face. Just like that! SO much for professional western services…. I wonder what can be done for everyone to boycott that branch…

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