A day which is unforgettable by the cricket community and Pakistanis. Being a Pakistani, I am quite ashamed by govt. I really don’t understand at the time when nobody is trusting us and feeling us secure and not declaring Pakistan a safe place. Why they didn’t bother this, Why they didn’t be extra careful and didn’t provide appropriate security, more than this security is being providing to those bull shit politicians which are not even active in parliment.

Whatever the whole world is thinking at the moment about Pakistan is right, if i would be at their place, i think in same manner, Hats Off to Sri lankans, still they have no complaints, no regrets of coming here and not blaming for anything happened, even i found many interviewers arround the world who were interviewing Sri Lank team and concerned people of Sri Lank was somehow asking them question in not right manner, feel they are trying to exploit them but Thanks to them, they understand and think in right way.

I salute to people who died for their guests… That’s Pakistan! not the 1 showed by our politicians.

Being a Pakistani, I am SORRY Sri Lanka and thank you sooooo much. God bless you and bless you with victory. In coming world cup, you would be our favorite team 🙂

Take care, Thanks and Sorry.


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