what a silly holiday…

Yesterday was 5th of Feburary, which is considered as KASHMIR day so to show our love for Kashmir, Govt. of Pakistan has announced public holiday, hmmmm Ok what next. I would like to know what is the point of this holiday as most of the people spend this day by sleeping or in front of TV or like that. Some politicians come on to the media and make speeches 😀 CRAPPPP…. I really wanted to know, what those Kashmiris or Kashmir got benefit of all this. As we close our working day, banks are closed and so on … There are many such other holidays like when Benazir Bhutto former chief Minister of Pakistan, Allama Iqbal died, Quid e Azam .. and such long list so such many holidays… Even we get holiday at Labour day or Cleanliness day hahahaha and do what nothing but sleeping, watching TV or just like that…

I ‘m really curious, what is point of such holidays.

Isn’t it a better option that on Kashmir day our politicians sit together and find out solution of Kashmir and people of Pakistan work 1 day for them like profit of their business of that day should be dedicated for Kashmiris walfare and like that, means MUST do something which benefit them on such day, IF we really mean what we say 🙂

We don’t forget to have holiday at day of Quid e Azam but really forgot his messages 😀 his family ( as much i know they are living miserably)

I am not trying to be workholic but really there is not point of such holidays… NEED TO THINK so do hmmmmmmmmmmmm 🙂


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