Who say IPhone lacks MMS & Video Recorder…

When I was thinking about to get Iphone, I read reviews about it and found loads of people complaining about miss of MMS and Video Recorder.

I like many things it has so I ignore those things which it didn’t… So I just get it and started to enrich it with FREE πŸ˜€ software and 1 day I found CYCORDER, whilst i was reading its description, I got surprise and impressed (which is hard to make me) by the thought of its makers.

Cycorder enable this cooool phone to make video. Awesommmme

Then I thought to google more such software which are not part of it by default and then I started to look for MMS in Iphone and found loads of software and found FLUTTER as FREE from APPStore and liked IRealMMS but didn’t find it free so SKIPed it πŸ˜€

Anyhow guys, conclusion is your IPhone can have anything, if you have …. hehehehe

I believe It can have everything what any other today’s modern phone has but many of those modern phones can’t have what Iphone has πŸ˜‰ so guys go 4 it.


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