Who say IPhone lacks MMS & Video Recorder…

When I was thinking about to get Iphone, I read reviews about it and found loads of people complaining about miss of MMS and Video Recorder.

I like many things it has so I ignore those things which it didn’t… So I just get it and started to enrich it with FREE😀 software and 1 day I found CYCORDER, whilst i was reading its description, I got surprise and impressed (which is hard to make me) by the thought of its makers.

Cycorder enable this cooool phone to make video. Awesommmme

Then I thought to google more such software which are not part of it by default and then I started to look for MMS in Iphone and found loads of software and found FLUTTER as FREE from APPStore and liked IRealMMS but didn’t find it free so SKIPed it😀

Anyhow guys, conclusion is your IPhone can have anything, if you have …. hehehehe

I believe It can have everything what any other today’s modern phone has but many of those modern phones can’t have what Iphone has😉 so guys go 4 it.

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