Happy 2 b Iphoner

The day it came, as many many others i got curious and anxious to have it but couldn’t get that then. When I become eligible to get that I started to research on it that what its users say about it etc… got many +ve responses about it and got many -ve as well.

Anyhow I wanted this to have some change in my communication life as I can’t stick with 1 thing for long time no matter its mobile or girl 😀 , I got fed up by typical mobile softwares and styles.

What I liked in Iphone was its screen size as that is enough large for browsing and i can open 8 web pages at a time and i don’t need to press tab to navigate through link i can click on link by finger tip wowww and can enlarge through finger tips again woww and browser is also very powerful which can run html/xhtml.. what else u want by your cell browser

I like its censors which make it wide screen when i hold it in portrait pattern … and get back to normal when i hold it in tower shape. coooooool

I like its touch screen scrolling, horizontally and vertically and zoom in / zoom out .. awesome experience to do that hehehehe

it got IPod features so i don’t need extra IPod

It support many famous documents formats like txt, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx, pdf and much more and support many media file formats like mp3, wav, mpeg 4.. kooooooooool isn’t it

it got maps, youtube videos, itunes and such cool apps and still not enough so its MULTI Tasking

it made messaging/texting/sms just like m chating on msn

its emailing is quite powerful like gmail, exchange, yahoo, aol ,………………..

couple of things, it lacks like i didn’t get option to turn off dictionary and didn’t get any games, camera should be 3MP with flash :$

but overall its quite coool and enjoyable experience. so i am fan of it.


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