Wanna be SEO – Search Engine Optimization (Google)

When search over internet comes up, most of the tech savvy go to google.com and search the stuff they want and they got what they want less than a second. cool! isn’t it.

Okay, now lets talk about those who want their site to be searched by google.com and such top level search engines. In this case, people needs to follow best practices, need to apply some tips and tricks and need to follow such steps by which they could be well searched. In short, such people want their site to be Search Engine Optimized! which is not a rocket science but still yes for such purposes people need to hire individuals. I almost daily job portals to see trends, new hot oppurtunities and now a days amazed to see loads of good companies are looking for SEO guys.

Great! But people like me, just kept thinking, SEO must be something special thing which we don’t know as we just know about some meta tags and such tips but trust me life of SEO just revolve arround this 😉

Here i m going to refer you guys to a very good link by which I believe you can learn good steps of SEO and be Professional SEO guy.


Just click on above link

here is another link to download Google Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide


So here is the stuff to start with ….. so go ahead and rock the world with your knowledge 😉


One response to “Wanna be SEO – Search Engine Optimization (Google)

  1. yeah SEO is something special, specially with the people that having a site.

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