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Being a programmer, it’s almost daily routine to write such methods which take plenty of processor cycles/time to perform some action. For example some database operation/transactions, while using web services or Remote Procedure Calling (RPC), File I/O operations, etc.

To call such functions or methods which take plenty of time, user needs to wait for process to complete and some time in exceptional cases application hangs up if process couldn’t get complete for some reason. But in both cases user gets annoy and User Interface (UI) gets freeze until process completed if you have to call them synchronously.

In synchronous way of communication, caller process/thread needs to wait until called process/thread got complete but in case of asynchronous caller just need to send request to perform operation and get back means. It doesn’t need to wait for called process/thread completion.

Thanks to .Net team as they provide managed code Type-Safe mechanism to point any method or function and introduced Delegate. Delegates are like Function Pointer in C/C++ but Type-Safe, flexible by means of inheritance and powerful by means of referencing multiple methods as well as powerful by means of asynchronicity and supporting callback and calling them.

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HTTP Modules use to intercept HTTP requests for modifying or utilize HTTP based requests according to needs like authentication, authorization, session/state management, logging, modifying Response, URL rewriting, Error handling, Caching….

HTTP Modules are activated/called/invoked before and after HTTP Handler execution.

HTTP Modules are integral part of ASP.NET framework now and heavily being used as it cater grips upon request and let developers to generate response in a customized way, according to user requirement. Web development is all about playing with request from client to server and response from server to client.

When any request goes to web server, request passes through different phases and then at last response gets generate for client.

HTTP Modules are .Net based components/Plugins and programmed by implementing System.Web.IHTTPModule interface of .Net.

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