email sending (priority, reply to, read notification)

Usually web developers need to write code for sending email (me 2 :P) but normally we just setup To,From, Subject, Body and login credentials and simply call Send() method ;), what if our boss ask for such features like he want our Emails Should be at HIGH priority (no matter either they deserve or not :D) and he wants set up Reply-To email id should be of Him (boss) and should also get Read Notification (in case of email is being sending to employee so he wont lie that he dind’t get/read email :D)  anyhow jokes apart… lets code

in we create instance MailMessage instance …

dim mailMsg as new MailMessage(fromEmailID, ToEmailID)

mailMsg.Subject = “testing…”

mailMsg.Body =  “always do charity :D”

mailMsg.Priority = MailPriority.High

mailMsg.ReplyTo = New MailAddress(“Enter your desired Reply To Email ID”)

mailMsg.Headers.Add(“Disposition-Notification-to”, “Send Read Receipt Email ID")

is it complex 😀


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