forgot xp admin password

How To Gain Admin Access
Start , Run , Cmd
Type :

Net User ( Name Of An Account You Want To Create )   /add

Then Enter
You Have Now Made A Account However It Is Not Admin …
1st Find The Higest Power On Your computer To Do So Type : Net Localgroup Then Enter
Commonly Its *Administrators
But It May Be Diffrent
Now Type Net Localgroup Administrators [ Account Name you Created ] /add

You Now Have An Admin Account Use It to Do What You Need 🙂

Change and Know Administrator Pwd without making new account 😀

Start , Run , Cmd
Type :

Net User Administrator   /random

it will change administrator pwd (no matter what was that and generate new pwd which will be shown on Console under your command)


2 responses to “forgot xp admin password

  1. cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuupu

  2. if i do this…wont my the person from the IT department in the company find out dat there is a new user created my some one other than him??? i jus wanna recover the admin there any way to do that???

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