One really cool app (orca) to edit .msi installer

some days back i got a work to make such installer which could display text of such languages which are not supported by visual studio 2005 by default like danish/arabic,,…. 🙂 so i start my one of fav work R&D and got one wonderful One Really Cool App (Orca.exe) which is a tool to edit .msi files ……. isn’;t that awesome now if u have hacker mind then u would understand what i meant 😛 😉

anyhow ORCA.EXE is such tool which can edit tables of .MSI file now you can change text which shown on screen of installer even can change buttons their font, styles, size, even Prequisites whose example i gave in my previous blog post which was (INSTALL VS 2005 WITHOUT XP SP2)

anyhow a bit grief about orca.exe is its part of windows SDK which if u try to download/install then u should have geniune windows if you don’t then u can make by reading my another blog post at page of Tips & Tricks and then its quite heavy and took enough good speed to download and enough good space to install isn’t that annoying coz u just need ORCA.EXE which is just about 1.5MB and for 1.5MB Orca.exe u need to download about 1.5GB windows sdk and installation space separate ofcourse .. ahhhhhhhhhh but down worry guies what for I M if u need to bother that much i m going to upload ORCA.EXE with my this blog you may simply download and install and then enjoyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy/playingggggggg editing .msi

you may download orca.exe from this link >>


8 responses to “One really cool app (orca) to edit .msi installer

  1. thank you ; it proved very useful and easier to download than all the stuuf suggested at
    happy new year

  2. Thank you man! 🙂

  3. Thanks for your help!!!

  4. Hypnotize_Master_Aizen

    hi..evryone…i already download the file…but my computer cannot install *.msi extension….how could this happen?? my OS is genuine one…need a hand…..big thanks

  5. Hey Muhammad,

    Thanks for saving me at least an hour download of stuff I will never use. This program is great for editing old installs files to new versions of the Windows OS that previously are unsupported.

    Vista = (VersionNT = 600)
    Server 2003, = (VersionNT = 502)

    Saved me time, money and frustration getting some Windows XP applications to install onto Vista.


    A .msi file is an installer (Microsoft Installer File Type). If you can not install this extension, make sure the filetype is linked to the correct program (the Windows Installer).

    To do this follow the following steps (should work in NT, XP, Vista, etc.):
    1: Right click the .msi file
    2. Click Properties
    3. Where it says Opens With: Click Change…
    4. Browse
    5. File MSIexec.exe in the %WindowsInstallPath%\System32 Directory
    6. Ok all the dialogs
    7. Try installing again.

    Hope that works for you.


  6. Does anyone know where I can find instructions to simply convert an .exe file to .msi using Orca. Thanks

  7. Muhammad, you’re great ! Thank you for providing the standalone file. It saves me a lot of time. Gonna try it yet. Tarnyko.

  8. Thanks for saving me at least an hour download of stuff I will never use

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