change thoughts to reduce tensions

i do believe if u want to reduce ur tensions u must change ur thoughts to minimize ur tensions – hmmm what tensions we normally have in our life : our tensions are due to our materialistic wishes like villas, cars, latest fashioned stuff, sex, recognition, fame,… right? collectively to get all such things we need money so to get money we need resource and that could be either some job or own biznus and for that we need to prepare ourselves and make ourselve eligible and for that we need to work alot and for work alot we take stresss alot on our mind so fewer time we have for our family, friends and even ourselves so such things increase tensionz :p now suppose i change my thought for materialistic things suppose i need no such accessories i just need to have my necessaries like meal of 2 times, some simple clothes nd proper religious person then what would we needed to perform comparitively very fewer work  so fewer stress so fewer tensions, loads of time left for our family for our friends for our ownselves and for our religion as well so then we would have peace of mind rather than tensions/stress…… in fact even we get villas,money,sex, fashioned stuff,.. and like this we still won’t get peace of mind we will still get more tensions to get more so need to give stress for them more so there is no point to take tensions of them coz if u have such things in ur destiny u will have them by the time, just live happily .. in fact i do belive – khush kismat insaan wo nahi jo jou chahay hasil kar lay balkay khush kismat insaan wo  ha jo apni kismat pa khush rahay :)…..


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