lifes of life

hmmmm adnan is thinking today what his life has been! no social life left coz of two jobs from 9AM to 1AM and then just could sleep in remaining time if still not then – then wont be able to work on another day. no friends get together no family discussions and fights as well 😉 – why life is getting more tiresome, bitter and unwanting – even after that much struggle. what would be end of all my struggle may be in near future i start earning 6 figured salary and then may b 7 figured even and may b have post in top level company at top level of post of my field but still i don’t think so then i ‘ll have peace of mind and such life which i want coz still then i will try hard to grow moreeee and moreeeee atlast i wont be able to that much work struggle then may b i got time for myself and lifes struggle stops and then may b have time for family and friends – oh stop then i wont have work tension but ‘ll have family tensions – meanzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz tensions of life never gonna leave u 😦 so it would be better if adnan thinks about life after life whch is actual life 🙂 so trying to be goood human being as well goood muslim so could have good life after life and trying to be goood IT engineer and goood family member and good friend —- life is so hard when u r trying to be good in every life of life – but never stop trying coz nothing is impossible and simply if u consider impossible it say i m possible 😉 so circle of life has to move on but if we move happily then in good manner if took everything as burden like work like family responsibilities life religion’s responsibilities as burden then it will become painnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn—what u say


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