virtual PC 2004_2007 & Orcas & Virtual Server 2005

when i get to know about visual studio’s next realease whose name is visual studio ORCAS, i get excited and start downloading it it was bigggg download about 5 GB when i downloaded i get to know it extracted .vhd and .vmc, i stunned to see that as i was expecting .exe/.msi anyhow i start research on .vhd and .vmc then i get to know its virtual hard disk which required virtual pc 2004  for 32 bit and virtual pc 2007 or virtual server 2005 for 64 bit machines. i download virtual pc 2004 then i realize oh it required one more base image file so i start downloading that again which was of more than 1 GB anyhow i downloaded and give that to virtual pc 2004 to say plzzzz atleast now start visual studio orcas but after that i feel my PC is not capable of that much load so i thought to do this on my other office PC so i took that downloaded files to my other pc to install but their i realize its 64 bit so i start looking for virtual pc 2004 for 64 bit machine after some googling i get to know virtual pc 2004 doesn’t support 64 bit so either i would need to download/install virual pc 2007 beta or virtual server 2005 beta again 😉 so i opt virtual server 2005 and try to configure it for my orcas after bothering on it about 4 hours i successfully launched windows server 2003 and orcas but 😦 after starting orcas i feel no difference betweeen orcas and visual studio 2005 i thought why not i have a look on about page where i found 😦 very dishearting material which was again visual basic 2005, visual c# 2005…… means every version of technology was 2005 … i just carry on abusing to MSFT ….. i don’t understand why their i got visual studio 2005 rather than visual studio ORCAS…….. but may b m making some mistake somewhere .IF u know what mistake m committing plz correct me by COMMENTING

anyhow i just downloaded virtual pc 2007 but not for ORCAS, for VISTA 😉 btw i ‘ll try orcas by this also may b i get real orcas 😛


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