Steps for SEO by Adnan

  1. Good/Unique domain name
  2. Good web hosting company (which assigns ur site a static ip not dynamic and is not banned for porn or like that)
  3. Think of Good KEYWORDS for ur page
  4. set up meta tags in <head></head> like <title> and <meta>
  5. <title> tag should have less than 60 words and about 7 words excluding “is”, “of” caus such words ignore by SE
  6. <meta name=”keywords” content=”..adnan ;)..”> should not be more than 250 words in content attribute and one word shouldn’t be repeated more than thrice and don’t make all capitals for each word other than acronym
  7. <meta name=”description” content”.adnan ;)..”>description is of ur web page so 😛
  8. Put keywords in heading <h1><h2>…..<h6>
  9. webpage should have more than 250 words otherwise Search engine don’t index and preferable about 500 words 😉
  10. for images or other non textual information should have ALT attribute with keywords
  11. put keywords in anchor tag in title attribute of it <a href=”path” title=”KEYWORDS” />
  12. nO more ROBOT in <meta> e.g <meta name=”robots” content=”index,follow”> but if u want some page to be not indexed by searchengine than u may use ROBOT  e.g <meta name=”robots” content=”noindex”>
  13. but still i advise u to use robot.txt in root directory where index or ur applicaiont’s default file lies….. it can be use to restrict user to index ur private content folders like /tmp or /private or /cgi-bin or /bin ….so ahooooo go 4 it
  14. validate ur HTML code or simply validate ur source code 😉 by
  15. Register you website to search engines or in their directories like google, msn, yahoo,ODP
  16.  Ask other related websites to link ur website
  17. write some algorithms to improve Page Rank of Google

if m mising any point and u know that point plz write that in comment


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