16 digits Unique numbers

Generate 16 Digit Random Number:
5 digit Random using System.Random Class

5 digit number by using TimeSpan

6 numbers by System Time (HH:MM:SS)

System.Random fiveRandom = new Random();
TimeSpan tsFive = new TimeSpan();
tsFive = System.DateTime.Now.Subtract(Convert.ToDateTime(“01/01/1900”));
Console.WriteLine(fiveRandom.Next(10000, 99999) + tsFive.Days.ToString() + System.DateTime.Now.Hour.ToString(“00”) + System.DateTime.Now.Minute.ToString(“00”) + System.DateTime.Now.Second.ToString(“00”));


5 responses to “16 digits Unique numbers

  1. i want logic of 16 digit Serial Number and randam both .

    Thanks & Regard

    vijay shukla

  2. Hello,

    please help me to find out a 16 digit key generator , if you know any software of that kind of functionality please inform me .

    in waiting your response.

  3. Do you know of a way to create a unique 5-digit number out of a unique combination of two 5-digit numbers? for instance if the number A = 100 and number B = 20, what I did to get the unique number was simply add them and get 120. however, this is not unique since a separate combination such as 99 and 21 will give me the same number… any suggestions on creating a unique number from a unique set of numbers?

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  5. Plz inform me of any 16 digits serial number generator if yu knw any…..i wil b waiting…..Thanks in advance….

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