transient move

life doesn’t pass some times as we want it to be because we didn’t make this world and its principles and our life is not following our wishes :-s simply! so to get something we need to loose something! this is what i have heard and observed and felt it as truth of life anyhow sometimes we need to leave to those things for their walfare and brigh future, so i m thinking about to shift to dubai, and question arises why dubai 🙂 then answer comes because abi kahin aur janay ki aukaat nahi hai 😉 then question still arises 😀 why Dubai so answer is: earning get better and from start my expectation from there is 50k+ which is about 3 times more than now Sounds good 😛 then question arises can i live without my ppl then answer is yessssssssssss very happilyyyyyyyyyy because i have heard arabian girls are ahooooooo 😛 (mouth watering stuff) anyhows plz pray


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