eid for who…

eid imageas i m growing just knowing facts about life and recently i get to know one more fact about eid. in fact this time i did feel that eid is only for two type of people one are children and 2nd are those who keep all fasts of ramazaan with all prayers and aitkaaaaf and give zakaat properly and understand meaning of ramazaan i have seen such people really enjoy eid. now the question arises in my mind why my kind of stupid don’t enjoy eid anymore and why do children enjoy alot so the answer which i get in my mind is children has lots of limitations which they can’t do in their regular routine like have limited amount of pocket money which increases in shape of eidi so they get happy because after getting eidi they could get many things which they wish for simply which they can’t get by their pocket money and could go out to their favourite places to joy and have holidays and get lots of gifts and new dresses  so such all things brings happiness for them and why don’t we as we have to give not to take eidi anymore 😦 and have to give gifts not to take and there is no such place where we can’t go in our routine life so no charm of going to any specific place and can have new dresses at any time soo no charm of this thing also and as my kind of person don’t keep fast with its proper formalities like prayers, aitkaaf, zakaat and even didn’t abstrain by such things from which we are not allowed to have by islam so


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