Rain Rainn Rainnn….

yesterday when i was going to my office in a rain πŸ˜‰ i enjoyed alot to rain anyhows when i reached there my clothings got wet and i just sit on my seat and start working after some time my clothing got dry but 😦 i got fone call at that time and i got to go again out in a rain so i went and when i came back my dress got wet agian πŸ˜› i start working again on my computer and after some time when it got dry again my companion asked me to go out to Ufone office…. so i went with him again out in a rain :)) and again got wet :)) anywayz when i came back i had to go in a meeting so i attended meeting and after that start working… my almost all time has been wasted whilst goin out and coming back so i need to work and stay in office whole night finally next day saturday morning at about 6 o clock i leave office and atmosphere was outstanding due to rain so i got fresh instantly due to such fresh air and when i get back house i called to my …………. and then went to sleep and when got up and thought about to rush toward office back then i saw it was raining again πŸ˜€ i just went on my terrace and start taking bath but topless πŸ˜‰


One response to “Rain Rainn Rainnn….

  1. naughty mamoo πŸ˜‰

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